Why You Should Clean Your Carpet With Soap in Erie, CO.

Have you ever been in a public restroom, rinsed your hands under the faucet and plunged the soap button only to find that the soap dispenser was empty?  After you got over your annoyance about the business's lack of attention to their restrooms, did you fret a little bit about not getting your hands clean? After all, you were in a public restroom, a place not widely considered to be a clean and sterile environment!  My point is that your concept of getting your hands clean necessitated the process of washing with soap.  Without soap, you do not believe you can wash your hands properly.  Because, washing and cleaning ALWAYS involves the use of soap or detergents, does it not?  Would you wash your dishes, your clothes, your hair, your car or even your dog without soap, detergent or shampoo? And why not?  Because it is common knowledge that water alone cannot clean properly.

So... what am I setting you up for?  I'm going to explain why you should clean your carpet with soap in Erie, CO.  In the last couple of years, there has been an amazing media blitz about a "New" type of cleaning.  It eliminates the use of soap and only uses water.  It is called zero residue cleaning.  It has been developed for cleaning your carpets.  The slick marketing campaigns have claimed that cleaning your carpets with cleaning agents is bad and cleaning with only "specially treated water is good."  It is human nature to progress to the latest technology because it just has to be the best since it the latest "thing."  So many people have been led to believe that methods using carpet fiber cleaning products are bad because they must (for some reason) leave behind an unhealthy residue.  Question, when you take a shower, do you lather up and then immediately get out of the shower? NO!  You rinse the soap off.  And you are clean!  When you wash your clothes, do you pull the clothes out before they go through the rinse cycle?  NO!  You let them go through the RINSE cycle and your clothes come out of the washer, clean!

So why are cleaning expectations different for carpet than they are for everything else?  Why would soap or detergents be eliminated from the cleaning process out of fear of scary soap residue?  High quality, professional carpet cleaning demands the use of cleaning agents.  We utilize dirt busting, stain releasing surfactants and emulsifiers contained in carpet cleaning specific detergents. And then, as in all other types of cleaning, we RINSE those detergents out with 250 degree HOT, soft water! This removes cleaning residue just as it does in any other cleaning process.  And that soft water has a low pH to bring your carpet to a neutral, carpet fiber loving state, just like your carpet warranty specifies.  Zero res carpet cleaning uses no detergents, obviously. They just use water, which, cannot possibly clean your carpet as well as scientifically developed carpet cleaning agents. in addition, zero res carpet cleaning's specially treated water is at a very high pH and is not neutralized in any way.  When your carpet is left at a pH of 10 or higher, it can become brittle over time and fall apart prematurely. This is in defiance of the Carpet Cleaning Standard, set by the IICRC, which states cleaned carpet should be left in the neutral state of a 7pH.

But, a reputable carpet cleaning company will clean the corredt way, fully rinsing your carpet, leaving it in a proper neutral state and will provide you with healthy, fluffy soft, beautiful carpets.  Simply put, we're cleaning your carpets with soap and rinsing it off.  Just like when YOU clean everything else in your life!

If you have any questions about why you should clean your carpet with soap in Erie, CO, call us at Cleancare of Boulder at Ph.: 303-530-0646 today!  We'd love to visit with you.