Why You Should Clean the Carpet in Your Kitchen and Bathrooms Today in Boulder, CO.

Some homes are fully carpeted in all rooms. Even though many people would say that carpet does not belong in the kitchen or bathrooms, there are still many people who prefer it that way. If you are one of these homeowners, you know that  those areas do get soiled quickly and they need to be professionally cleaned regularly.  Here is why you should clean the carpet in your kitchen and bathrooms today in Boulder, CO.:

Cooking oils and food and beverage spills are the main culprit in a kitchen.  When you cook, oils become airborne and float down to the carpet. Because it is sticky, oils that have infused with the carpet will attract dirt like a magnet. We use orange citrus cleaning agents along with naturally derived enzyme digesters to break up and release cooking oils and the soils it attracts from your kitchen carpet. In addition, we bring in a specialty spotting arsenal from which we utilize numerous cleaning agents designed to knock out specific spots, spills and stains in your home. When we follow all of this up with our 250 degree soft water extraction, your kitchen carpet will look a thousand times better!


Bathroom carpets have two cleaning issues. The first issue would be around the toilet.  If you have boys or a husband, you almost certainly have urine around the edge of your toilet.  Males are simply not very good at aiming or at being careful about "putting things" away.  No matter how many times they deny it and say, "It wasn't me!", it usually was!  So unless you have trained your guys to squat, this is a problem that needs attention.  While urine removal is never 100% (never believe anyone who claims otherwise), fortunately, we have the best urine neutralizers and removal procedures in industry.   The other issue is just the normal soil and wear that results from attending to yourself in front of a mirror and at a sink every day.  There will be spots from medicine, makeup, acne creams, hair products, toothpaste, perfume, cologne and other things.  We carry 12 different spot cleaning agents in our aforementioned spotting arsenal and can tackle just about any spot you may have.  Now, does every spot come out? No, some makeups and hair dyes are permanent and some medications can bleach carpet.  However,  we have removed 95% of the spots we have been presented with.

If you have further questions about why you should clean the carpet in your kitchen and bathrooms today in Boulder, CO, call us today at Cleancare of Boulder.  Ph.: 303-530-0646.