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Why Should YOU Clean Your Carpets and Upholstery Regularly?

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“Well, Duh,” you say. “Because they look dirty”. However, there are several reasons why to consider regular professional carpet and upholstery cleaning that you may have not considered. 

These reasons can significantly effect the health of your family and to prolong the life of your expensive carpets and furnishings:”

·          Better Air quality in your home through the removal of bio-pollutants from your floors and soft furnishings.  Carpet and upholstery are great “air filters and absorb many pollutants brought into the home.  But after awhile (depending on the number of people and pets in the home), these air filters need to be cleaned out and brought back to their original “filtering state.”

·          Removal of dust and danders that can trigger symptoms for allergy and asthma sufferers.  You’re not going to get rid of your beloved pets.  Upholstery cleaner in Boulder, CO.   But if you have allergies, you will breathe much easier if you get rid of the pet dander your pets drop all over your home– most being caught by carpet and upholstery.  Your vacuum cleaner can only do so much.  Your carpets need a deep, thorough professional cleaning at least on an annual basis.

·          Removal of microscopic bacteria and germs you cannot see but can make you sick.  The high heat (about 225 degrees) of a professional cleaner’s truckmounted machine will kill bacteria, germs, flu virus and dust mites on contact.

·          Restoration of color and texture of the carpet and upholstery fibers.  Soil obscures colors of carpet fibers and blocks out patterns and textures on upholstered fabrics.  Have a professional clean for you and remember what your carpets and furniture looked like when you purchased them.

·          Removal of stains that tend to set in over time and become too difficult to remove.  Stains can etch themselves into textile fibers over time.  They WILL become permanent over time if they are removed.  Upholstery cleaner in Boulder, CO.  A trained professional has the expertise and cleaning agent arsenal to remove almost anything you could have stained your carpet or upholstery with– as long as it hasn’t set too long over time.

Protection of one of your home’s major investments, saving you money.  Don’t replace your carpet or furniture before you really need to.  Just like you maintain your car with oil changes and other planned services, you need to maintain your carpet and upholstery with regular planned cleanings.  Things not maintained don’t last.  Re-carpeting your home is MUCH more painful than hiring a professional cleaner! And buying some furniture can seem like you’re purchasing another automobile!  Don’t let your carpet and upholstery die before their time.  Have them cleaned on a regular basis.  Your wallet will thank you.