Why You Should Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned in Erie, CO 80026.


Why You Should Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned in Erie, CO 80026.

By Ken Strid, Certified Master Textile Cleaner and Owner of Cleancare of Boulder.  Call us 303-530-0646. For more articles like this, click on Cleancare Articles.

Top 10 Soils in Carpet.  Can Your Routine Vacuuming Remove These?

The key job of carpet cleaning is to remove soils from carpets. However, there are actually several different types of soils and contaminants found in carpets, and knowing what type of soil is in the carpet is frequently the first step in effectively removing it. U.S. Products’ Carpet Cleaning Advisory found the top 10 types of soils found in carpets:

1.        Sand, clay, and other “gritty” materials

2.        Natural fibers such as lint from clothing

3.        Gum

4.        Petroleum, oil, and grease

5.        Human hair and skin

6.        Dust mites, fleas, and other insects

7.        Organic soils and materials (minerals and soils from landscaping areas, for example)

8.        Airborne carbon and automotive exhaust

9.        Spilled food or beverages

10.      So-called “miscellaneous unknowns”

((Top Ten List from ICS Magazine)

Some or all of these are in your Home’s carpet.  ALL of these are in your carpet at work.  Do you want them to stay there?  The answer, of course is an emphatic, no you don't.

Sand and clay and other gritty materials grind on your carpet fibers every time you  and others walk on them.  This is what causes traffic wear patterns in your carpet. Regular vacuuming can help remove loose, gritty soil.  However, if that soil was tracked in from wet shoes, it has most likely bonded to your carpet and no amount of vacuuming will take it out. A good thorugh steam cleaning is in order

Gum, oil and grease are sticky and attract other soils and are most effectively removed  with a solvent based cleaning solution. Obviously, more than vacuuming is required. After solvents are applied to the soiled area, it must be flushed, rinsed and completely extracted from the carpet, or else such solutions will also attract other soils. Call Cleancare for thorough removal of gum, oil or grease.

Dust mites, fleas, airborne carbon and automotive exhaust can be trapped in your carpet and then released into the air by Your foot traffic.  These can be hazardous for those with respiratory difficulties and, at the very least, be a lung irritant to everyone else. Again, give us a call at Cleancare and our high powered system will eliminate these types of soils from your carpet and completely out of your home.

And lastly, food and beverages are the origination of most spots in homes and businesses. The key is removing them as soon as possible before they bond to fibers and become permanent. And yes, permanence is possible and is why some spots become immovable stains. Ivory liquid, vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, “oxy” type cleaners and ammonia are great home remedies.  And if you cannot remove the spots yourself, we carry an exhaustive supply of specialty spotting agents with us at Cleancare and can remove 98% of all spots you might present to us. Plus you get the benefit of truck mounted steam extraction for complete removal of unwanted materials. And, we’ll leave you with a free bottle of the greatest spot cleaner ever made, “Avenge”, for your future difficult spots and spills.


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