Wool Rug Moth Damage in Boulder, CO.

Call Cleancare of Boulder at 303-530-0646. For more videos like this, go to Cleancare Videos. This video was done by a Rug Washing equipment supplier. He shows you what to look for when inspecting your rug for Clothes Moth damage. When Cleancare of Boulder washes your rug, we give it a post treatment of moth-proofing. We use the safest way to protect rugs from infestation  by applying moth-repelling agents containing magnesium silicofluoride, a moth repellent. It does not kill moths, larvae or the eggs. Instead, it makes the wool less appetizing by changing the taste. It is applied as a spray solution and thoroughly covers the front and back of the rug. It lasts for up to three years (or until the rug is washed again), has no residual odor and is not harmful to people. For more about this issue, click on: How to Protect Wool Rugs From Moth Damage.